Rwanda, located in the heart of Africa, is not well known on the international stage for its avocados, but it doesn’t mean that avocados are unknown to Rwanda. Let me introduce you to our emerald green treasure!

Rwanda has long grown and enjoyed a local variety of avocado known as Avoka, but this variety was not up to export standards.  Fortunes changed in Rwanda in 2012, however, when the government decided to take advantage of the country’s rich, fertile volcanic soils and ideal climate and begin growing its own unique Hass and Fuerte varieties. Rwanda’s thousand hills didn’t disappoint. By 2019 Rwanda was producing  840,672kg of avocados, good for 37th position on the world’s list of producers. Yet, Rwanda ranked 87th in exportation, meaning consistent supplies of fresh, delicious export quality avocados are available to you.

Ikonyk Hills—Our Farm

Ikonyk Hills Avocado Farm is one of the largest farms in Rwanda’s southern district. The farm grows both Hass and Fuerte varieties. Stemming from the owners’ humanitarian roots, our farm employs almost exclusively vulnerable and single head of household women from the local area.  Our farm also works with professionals from the Rwandan Agricultural Board (RAB) other small holder farms, ensuring sufficient quantities of fresh, organically grown avocados for buyers who understand and value quality and the mission we have chosen to help others.